Flexible E-Reader From Bridgestone (Yes, That Bridgestone)


We're not that sure that we actually need a flexible e-reader, but we're pretty psyched to see one anyway. Apparently when you work day in and day out molding pliable material like tire rubber, you become quite adept at making things bend and flex into whatever shape that you want. This e-reader, designed by the tire maker Bridgestone, is composed of e-paper and can be bent "to some extent" thanks to flexible circuitry inside. The prototype is just 5.8 mm thick and features a 10.7-inch touchscreen. The device will display screen content even after you hit the off button. 

Bridgestone intends to test out the prototype next spring. As cool as it is, Bridgestone has no plans of bringing the e-reader to market for us to get our hands on. Apparently, life in the tire game was a little dull, so the company just decided to dick around with an e-reader device for the heck of it. Perhaps we'll see the technology in a pimped-out set of e-ink tires somewhere in the future.

As if one e-reader from a tire company wasn't enough, Bridgestone also has a second in development. That one features a13.1-inch e-paper touchscreen.

Next time you're stranded on the side of an isolated road at 2 a.m. thanks to a blown tire, rest easy knowing that Bridgestone is hard at work taking care of your future e-reading needs. 

Via: Crunch Gear 

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