Flip Flop Doormat from Havaianas

It all started in 1907, when a factory producing simple and cheap sandals called alpargatas opened in Brazil. These sandals were used by coffee collectors.

Zoom to the present day when it has become a fashion icon and turned into a worldwide craze with its new name, Havaianas .

Over the years, this brand has surprised the public by launching trendy, cool flip flops.

Though expensive, Havianas have become a major global brand and one of the most recognized brands for flip-flops.

A pair of exclusive flip flops is often sent to Oscar nominees, as well as key global opinion leaders.

The latest offering from the company is a limited edition doormat with a pair of exclusive Havaianas.

Literally, a pair of Havaianas embedded into a colorful doormat. The idea behind it is that you can just pop out of the house, sticking your flip-flops on when you pass by the door.

The only hindrance? Neighbors might love the idea as much as you and you can finally end up looking at two empty holes.

Via: trendhunter.com

Apr 18, 2008
by makeworldbetter
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This is great

Love this idea