Want Flip Flops That Tone Your Legs? Fit Flops

A flip flop that promises to tone butts, legs, calves and thighs while walking? Has someone really developed something so innovative?

The answer is Yes.

In addition "Fit Flops " appear to be a decrease stress on feet, legs and back decreasing wear and tear as well as some common achy pains.

Why does this happen? Well the answer lies in the engineering of the "Fit Flop." It is much like a "barefoot technology" shoe which makes the muscles that stabilize the foot work harder and over a period of time.

The makers of "Fit Flops" got their claim of increased muscle activation (of as much as 10-12%) verified by an independent lab outside their company.

So I guess it really works.

But there is a glitch. Consumers are cautioned to wear the "Fit Flops" gradually because of the delayed muscle soreness that occurs just like the beginning of a work out routine. Also people with a history of injuries, and long term back and leg problems should consult a physician before investing in these Fit Flops.

So though the Fit Flop will tone your legs and behinds, it is not a replacement for a regular exercise routine. Nothing actually is. (Buy Fit Flops here )

Source: TheFitFlop.com

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Jul 15, 2008
by Anonymous

Fit Flop= Shin Splints

Careful with those, I am a seasoned walker but wanted to give a slight kick to my walking routine; I have to say that after three weeks use those flops will give you shin splints if you walk more than 4 miles a day. I am quite pissed actually because now I have to stay of my feet for a while as the injury has turned quite painful. Wear them for normal activities but not as part of your exercising routine.