Flipping For An Upside Down Tomato Garden

The Upside Down Tomato Garden is an invention that's about time in coming. After years of trying to grow tomatoes in the ground and humanely keeping the gophers and rabbits from destroying them, I'm flipping for this gadget.

Sorry, but the Upside Down Tomato Garden doesn't come pre-planted. I was disappointed too. But, you can plant whatever tomatoes you like, up to eight tomato plants in the planter.



And notice that above the tomato plants you can have another garden of small vegetables like peppers, or spices, or flowers! The top portion holds up to 80 pounds of topsoil!

The Upside Down Tomato Garden is amazingly compact; perfect for apartment dwellers who can raise their own tomatoes and seasonings on their balconies with the Upside Down.

The stand is 48" high and 25" square. It requires minimal assembly and weighs about 19 pounds... but that's without the sand required to keep it stable or the soil required for planting... so make sure to position the Upside Down Tomato Garden in its eventual spot before planting!

Available from Hammacher Schlemmer with a lifetime guarantee.