Flip.to & Magnetic Marketing: Social Media That Engages 21st Century Travelers

Flip.to, a new marketing service that turns travelers into a brand's best advocates (spreading the word about their upcoming stay or flight to their social networks), has expanded to five continents with over 50 charter members.  Differing markedly from the traditional push or pull marketing of the last century, Flip.to is based on “magnetic marketing” and is already showing extraordinary results when engaging with hotel guests and airline passengers, at time of booking.

Having built a platform that integrates with a brand’s Web site booking engine, Flip.to engages with hotel guests and airline passengers immediately after they have confirmed a room or airline reservation. At no other time is there a greater attraction between a brand and its consumer than the bond that is created when a customer has confirmed a sale. This is the optimal moment when the customer and the brand are traversing the same wavelength.

So if a brand was to incentivize the guests during the online confirmation process, it’s a natural process for the user to share this info with their community of followers on their social networks. An example of this marketing is when the hotel or airline offers the booker a “room upgrade” or “additional loyalty points” in exchange for tweeting out the hotel or airline’s brand messaging.

James Chicago / Flip.to Voucher For Hotel GuestsJames Chicago / Flip.to Voucher For Hotel Guests
Flip.to’s use cases support how powerful magnetic marketing can be. Over the course of the last 6 months, The James Chicago has increased brand awareness with the assistance of their guests acting as extension of the hotel’s marketing team. To date, 40 percent of its booking guests have engaged with Flip.to, spreading the word to their friends and followers about their upcoming stay at The James via Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. And each post they’ve made has on average brought 8 new folks over to The James’ site.

During just the last thirty days, Flip.to has generated over 3,300 newsletter sign-ups for Tune Hotels and their hotels throughout Southeast Asia and the UK. This calculates out to 60 sign-ups for every 100 hotel guests that post on social networks via Flip.to at time of booking. Newsletter sign-ups allows hotel groups like Tune to increase loyalty while communicating with new and frequent guests on an ongoing basis.

Tune/ Flip.to Newsletter sign-up pageTune/ Flip.to Newsletter sign-up page

One of Flip.to’s newest charter members, Pluna Airlines based in South America, is leading the way in passenger engagement and brand awareness with the help of Flip.to as well. Since the airline’s goal is to build membership for their frequent passenger program, Flip.to is the ideal service for Pluna’s FlyClub.

Vijay DandapaniVijay DandapaniVijay Dandapani, Chief Operating Officer for Apple Core Hotels in NYC referenced Flip.to in his recent blog, titled "Magnetic Marketing" that “given a compulsive need for instant gratification amongst most customers, the possibilities from this technological feature seem considerable for hotels across the entire spectrum of the hotel industry.”

Flip.to is still adding charter members to its beta program and welcomes requests for a live web presentation. Included in the presentation are sneak peeks of upcoming features. As a result of charter members providing Flip.to with feedback, the service is adding an “Arrival” component that incentivizes hotel guests upon check-in, a personalized “Concierge” page for travelers to obtain suggestions from friends and followers as for things to do within a destination, plus a unique “Post-stay” service that helps determine a hotel’s top evangelists, while generating positive feedback for online review sites, such as TripAdvisor.

To sign-up for a personalized Web presentation, tour the demo site and register here.

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