Flip.to, Social Media Tool Creates Evangelists, Buzz & Sales

To promote a brand in today's Web 2.0 milieu, one no longer needs the excessive advertising and promotional budgets that have been previously required in the past. In today's business climate, its important to select social media tools that are cost-efficient, create evangelists,generate a viral buzz and produce sales. With the recent launch and beta test of Flip.to , brands and social media specialists now have access to a tool that can accomplish all those goals.

Today, all you really need is friends. And while that might sound like a trite refrain to a old pop tune, social media is the best conduit for you to communicate your branded message and one's customers and co-workers are the best evangelists to help you amplify that message.

Unlike the old-school direct marketing model, which required a company to purchase re-used contact lists that were then utilized for cold calling, telemarketing,  direct mail or email spam -businesses can now make better use of a resource that's typically left untapped - their company's own networks.

A company's employees are often the most neglected of these resources. Zappos, a company widely known for their social media savvy was one of the first company's on Twitter to utilize employees to extend the buzz about one's company by incenting their teams to tweet out news about the company.

When employees are motivated correctly, brands can harness their energy and enthusiasm by having them assist in the buzz campaign and subsequently becoming an extension of the firm's sales force. For example if a brand was ready to launch a new product and started the campaign process via tweets on Twitter, status updates on Facebook and discussion groups on LinkedIn, they could ask their employees to do the same. In turn, the multiplier effect takes over as each employee's network of contacts, friends and followers receive the message and can repeat the process with their networks.

While conducting these tactics manually in the past was tedious, Flip.to now provides a new automated means to streamline all these isolated steps into a couple of Flip.to mouse clicks.

And the process doesn't end with employees. Companies then broaden their reach by re-broadcasting the same message to their customers, partners and business associates who are familiar and trust ones's brand. They, like the firm's employees build upon this self-perpetuating communication channel.

By tracking all the individual stats, evangelist participants can check back with the Flip.to site periodically to see how their social media activity matches up to other participants. Companies can then decide if they want to motivate participants with rewards, remuneration or other forms of incentives based on number of clicks, number of landing page hits or actual sales conversions. This game-like component, dissimilar to other social tools that only track results keeps participants engaged and enthusiastic about improving their stats, which in turn accelerates the buzz.

The power of spreading the word throughout one's networks, whether it's on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, an email or blog post lies in the links that point back to a company's Web site or targeted landing page.

This automated sample tweet and Facebook status update provide links to this company's blog page.

Flip.to sample tweetFlip.to sample tweet    Flip.to sample Facebook status updateFlip.to sample Facebook status update








According to Brian J. Kent, one of Flip.to's developers, "because this isn't just any link - it's a "passed link" - a link shared by a trusted friend, colleague or admired blogger - it has far greater potential to be clicked on then an email blast spammed to a bunch of strangers."

Generating buzz is definitely a good thing for any company, large or small. Gil Shabat who also contributed to the development of Flip.to sums up the product as an "extraordinarily streamlined means to initiate a buzz campaign, track everything that happens (like who's spreading the word and where), gauge effectiveness and even more importantly, making the whole buzz-generating process fun and engaging so that it doesn't stop."

Flip.to is a real simple way to get one's company buzzing with the assistance of a built-in team of evangelists that can get the word out, generate more traffic and ultimately land more business. To customize and adapt the Flip.to social media tool for your business, contact the Flip.to team

Take the Flip.to DEMO out for a test run today.