Flirty Fashion Inspires Creative Intimacy: Diesel's 'Role Playing' Underwear

While fashion is often creative, not everyone is creative when it comes to their love life between the sheets. A new ad campaign from Diesel tries to offer a little bit of spice with the introduction of underwear that's ideal for the uptight..

Sexy Diesel Underwear-Sexy Diesel Underwear-

While this creative lingerie is not actually available for sale, it does present an interesting idea. We've seen his and hers undergarments before, but this is something a little bit different! The his and hers sets in the images are ideal for those that need a little bit of creative spice in their relationship but that clearly don't want to take it too far or instead of branding each other with roles, a couple might instead choose to dive right into their roles with costumes.

Diesel Role Playing UnderwearDiesel Role Playing Underwear

ViaL Fashionising