Float & Sting Like A Butterfly With WhoppAir

Here’s a fun toy for kids (and kids-at-heart!) to enjoy after Dad forces everyone to sit through another Rocky marathon:


WhoppAir is a pair of silver colored, oversized inflatable boxing gloves made for goofy and safe boxing matches. It’s like playing a completely harmless “pillow fight” sort of game with a focus on active motion and getting kids to enjoy some punchy physical activity. The real innovation at the core WhoppAir is how the inflatables resemble traditional and exciting boxing gloves, yet keep the child’s fists so deeply embedded in the balloon-like glove, that anyone on the receiving end of a WhoppAir feels like they’ve been hit by an aggressive beach ball.

I particularly like the classic silver hue of the WhoppAir gloves as well as the toy’s comical shape, but it is especially cool to hear that the company regularly receives letters from therapists helping people with autism and other communicating issues who have used the blow-up gloves as an invaluable therapy tool. They’re inexpensive, silly and fun, so I’d throw my (light)weight behind the idea, and I’d get into the ring to test them out myself!


Yeah, I’m on an inflatable kick, but this just shows that there are many inventive uses for inflatable PVC items that haven’t been tried before. Anything that’ll keep rowdy kids safely occupied for a few hours while tiring them out for bedtime sounds like a huge seller to me, so keep thinking “inflatable,” Inventors!  You can read reviews and buy WhoppAir here.

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