Float Your Own Boat: Motorized Inflatable Bumper Boat

Why spend your hard-earned money at a nearby amusement park on bumper boat rides when you can float your own boat this summer? The Motorized Inflatable Bumper Boat, from Excalibur, is an awesomely cool ride and glide craft any adult  child would love to own.

Bumper BoatBumper Boat

Besides gliding along calm waters and seeing the sights in the backyard pool or local lake, you'll have a ball bumping into other bumper boats too. Able to take a lickin', this silver gem is constructed out of heavy duty .3 mm thick PVC and can attain speeds of 3 mph. The boat uses an enclosed single propeller just like real tugboats use. You'll be able to move forward, backward, left and right or even around and around in circles with the steering wheel which is attached to a azimuth thruster. The thruster uses 6 D batteries that provides up to 4 hours of fun.

And even better - the Bumper Boat can hold up to 200 pounds so mom and dad can use it too. The package includes the inflatable boat, electric air pump, battery, control arm and sleeve, steering wheel, and propeller. Some assembly is required. The Motorized Inflatable Bump Boat retails for around $50.

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Jul 20, 2009
by Anonymous

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