Floating Origami

Boating can be one of the most relaxing and enjoyable pastimes around. The only real problem ahead of you is getting a boat. You have a few options available to you here. You can outright buy one. You can opt to rent one. You can build one. What if a new boat is a little heavier than your wallet and you use one too much to rent? Building one is the logical choice. And thanks to a few very intelligent people, even that has become easier.

So we decided to build our own little boat, but we aren't very handy with woodworking tools. A new kind of boat named the Origami 6 might be you answer. As the name implies, this little wonder folds nearly flat in only a few minutes. Even so, the smaller 6ft version can easily support 2 full sized adults. Net the larger 8ft design and you can take a family of 3 and a picnic basket.

The Origami Folding Dinghy also has the ability to be converted from a row-boat, to a sailing vessel or an outboard powered vessel. While under sail, the Origami can slip smoothly through the water at about 7 knots. If a motor is more your style, both the 6ft and 8ft models can carry up to a 3.3hp motor. Speeds have been reported up to 15 knots.

Both the Origami 6 and Origami 8 can be ordered as a kit and assembled in about a week. All you need it a tape measure and a simple jig-saw. It comes in a wide variety of colors and can be altered slightly to accommodate certain needs. If you have a little more woodworking experience under your belt, you can purchase just the plans and build one yourself. Either way it can be customized.

The uses for an Origami can range from a simple, easy-to-transport weekend sailing boat, to an emergency life-boat. The ability to collapse and a total weight of 15 kilos makes it easy to store in even the smallest places and it can be brought back to full size in less than 2 minutes. If that's not enough, every time one is purchased, a tree is planted to offset the wood used, so you can continue to enjoy the outdoors for a lifetime.

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George Delozier
Automotive Innovations

Mar 1, 2008
by Anonymous

very great idea

Great design and probably very fun to use.

John Frangella
Manager - Invention Process Development Division
Proto3000 Inc. ( Prototyping Solutions )