Floor Plan Light Switch A Bright Idea For Homeowners

There's always that one switch in a house - you know, the one that makes you wonder "just what the hell does this do?" Now, from designer Taewon Hwang, comes the Floor Plan Light Switch -  a great way to never be confused again.

Today's houses have a lot of lights. A LOT. These can be single large lights in a small room, multiple pot-lights in a kitchen or mounted lights of various types in and around a house. Often, homeowners will find themselves wondering just which switch they want to hit to get the best lighting effect, even if they've lived in the space for years.

Designer Taewon Hwang thinks he has the answer in the form of the Floor Plan Light Switch, a great way to tell not only what's on in a home but just what can be turned on and where.

Just as the name states, the Floor Plan Light Switch is a mini version of a home's floor plan with multiple switch plates, each showing sections of the house that can be lit up. In an oddly counter-intuitive move, the entire light switch will be lit up when no lights are on in the house and the switches will be raised off of the body of the panel. Once depressed, the switch will de-light as its corresponding light(s) in the home go on.

Floor Plan Light Switch: no more confusion!Floor Plan Light Switch: no more confusion! 

We're not sure if the intention is to have one of these in every room or just one for each floor in a central location, but we're pretty stoked either way. Many home companies sell thousands and thousands of the same floor plan when it comes to new homes and designing a mass-produced switch for each floor plan just wouldn't be that hard. While the switch light on/real light off bit is a tad confusing, it would at least help you locate the switch in the dark.

We're impressed by Taewon's initiative, and glad he decided to switch it up.

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Source: Yanko 

Mar 10, 2011
by Anonymous

Awesome Idea

This is possibly the best invention for the home i've seen.
What if you could digitally submit a floor plan, and then have sent a number of switches to your design .... I'd buy straight away!