The Flow: The Paint Brush That Transforms Your iPad Into A Digital Canvas

A lot of graphic designers and artists use computers and tablets to transform and enhance hand-drawn art in Photoshop. A few years ago, I chanced upon a lovely drawing that was colored vibrantly and beautifully. Upon looking it up, I stumbled onto the artist's page and was surprised when I saw that he had only drawn the outline on paper and colored everything on the computer. I'm not master when it comes to art but I thought that I would be able to tell if it had been digitally colored. Needless to say, I was impressed and amazed.

The Flow is a project set up by Anthony Cerra and Russ Hakimiyan on Kickstarters. The two are engineers who have set up Joystickers, a company established in mid-2010 to bring a host of innovative and purpose-driven products to life.

So what exactly is the Flow?  Developers Anthony and Russ came up with the Flow with the premise of wanting to bring traditional experiences from the real world to the land of the digital such as painting. 

When you paint by using your finger or just a stylus on your device, you can expect to experience a lot of unwanted friction after a while. Your finger sweats and that makes the whole thing become a chore. And as you already know, styluses come with pointy tips that are great for sketching or drawing, but not so great for painting. The Flow bridges the gap and provides a solution because it feels like a traditional paint brush that works fantastically to create masterful strokes on your device.

Check out the video below to see it in action:

If you'd like to pledge your support to Anthony and Russ in their project, then you can head on over to this site to do so: Kickstarters. Make a pledge of $20 of more to receive your very own Flow!