Flower Resurrection Service Delivers Zombie Orchids

Matsumura Yoran is an orchid grower located in Japan's Yamanashi Prefecture and owned by 44-year-old Hidehiko Matsumura. Most orchids only last about two months after blooming; a fact that distresses those who enjoy the beauty of these flowers and who feel sadness if they were presented the orchids as a gift.

Such was the case of an elderly woman who contacted Matsumura back in 2005 after the orchids bought for her by one of her grandchildren appeared to have, for want of a better word, expired.

"We want our customers to enjoy the attraction of orchids as long as possible," explained Matsumura, who promised the woman he would attempt to revive her potted orchids.

A variety of techniques were tried over a 5-month period, including keeping the orchids in a warm greenhouse by day and a cooler room at night. Surrounding the roots with wood chips instead of peat moss helped increase exposure to water.

Finally, after about 10 months had passed, the woman's orchids began to bloom again! Matsumura thought that if he refined his techniques he could create a new niche market for his company. It took the better part of 4 years but Matsumura Yoran is now ready to roll out their new Orchid Resurrection Service.

Not everyone who has expired orchids is eligible to take advantage of the service, however.

Only customers of the company who had previously bought their orchids with IC tags (shown above) can apply - the tags list critical information Matsumura Yoran's staff use to fine tune the revival program.

Though the zombie flowers service may be extended in future, for now those who purchased orchids costing between 15,000 and 30,000 yen ($165 and $330) can apply, at a cost of 1/2 the original purchase price.

One assumes that potted orchids only will be accepted for resurrection... and not those planted in, say, pet cemeteries. (via Mainichi Daily News, main image via Insight Sabah)