Flower-Friendly Faucet Freelances as a Vase

A few weeks ago I wrote an article on some of the coolest vases around, and had I known about the Flowater at that time, it undoubtedly would have found a place of honor on my list.

I'm not altogether certain of how this slick faucet-come-vase works on a technical level, but I'll bet it's not something you'll be finding at your local hardware store anytime soon. Created by Russian industrial designer Slava Saakyan, this little ditty was inspired by a visit to the GROHE design center, a European company specializing in water technology solutions and designer fittings for the kitchen and bath.


As far as the artist's intent goes, he seeks to create a symbiosis of two contrasting substances: Water, a vital component of the natural world upon which all life depends; and the cool severity of our modern accessories, through which we now access this life-giving element, far removed from its source. In combining traditional utilitarian function with the fragility of a flower, we are gently reminded of how dependent life is on this substance every time we turn on the faucet.

So, overall, it's kind of like a 2-for-1 sale: Buy a new faucet and get a free vase! Too bad it's still just a concept.

Found via Nuacco
More on Slava Saakyan


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Feb 24, 2008
by Anonymous (not verified)

flower-friendly faucet

what an ingenius accessory to this design!
Its such a great show piece indeed.