Flux Snowshoe: Inspired By Origami

Flux SnowshoeFlux Snowshoe

What do origami and a snowshoe have in common? Nothing, unless it's the Flux Snowshoe. Designed by Eric Brunt, this snowshoe promises to be less cumbersome than a regular snowshoe via an origami-inspired kinematic construction.

Kinematics is basically the geometry of motion. Regular snowshoes are wide--designed to increase the surface area of a walker's footprint, which means less sinking in the snow. However, the wide surface area means that the wearer has to take a wide stance while walking. The Flux is designed to allow for a more natural gait. 


The Flux Snowshoe allows that more natural gait by contracting when the walker picks up her foot. It does this via a series of folds (hence the origami inspiration) in the shoe. When the wearer puts her foot to the ground the folds flatten out and give more surface area. So the Flux Snowshoe gives the wearer surface area on the ground and room to walk when lifted. 

The Flux is just a concept as of now, but its design would allow its expansion to be controlled for a variety of conditions. It has crampons with quick release bindings so you can slip them on and off easily. This shoe could be the next big thing for hikers who enjoy wintry conditions. 

Source: Eric Brunt Flux Snowshoe