Flux Human Powered Concept Could be Next Stop in Clean Future

As our technology and capabilities increase, we will become more and more dependent on clean forms of transportation. The real question is, how far are we willing to take it? A new futuristic concept may be able to provide that answer.

The new concept, called Flux, is a human powered single person vehicle made for the cramped streets of the city. It uses an ultra lightweight frame and a very open and free flowing design to offer the ultimate bicycling experience for the rider, while still providing a clean and efficient way to get from place to place

The design could also very easily be adapted for a small electric motor and battery stack if the market called for it. Interestingly enough, the footprint made by the Flux Concept is roughly one third of the traditional vehicle. The designer claims up to four can be parked side-by-side in the average parking spot.

No word on if the Flux will be sold anytime soon, but the applications it would provide would be endless.

Auto Motto