Fly And Swim Almost at The Same Time? Great Idea?

Patent#US 6938852 falls into the category of what one reviewer referred to as “unexpected tetherings.” If you are wondering what that is exactly, it refers to a state of being in which something really small pulls something much larger as evidenced by the Flying Craft Tethered to Powered Water Vehicle. The way it works is that both passengers and pilot sit in the “winged flying craft,” while remotely controlling the powered craft below. This could well translate into being both air sick and sea sick simultaneously in addition to pondering whether to wear a lifejacket or a parachute or both.



The Flying Craft Tethered to Powered Water Vehicle is a flying vehicle apparatus composed of a winged flying craft and a powered craft, which propels it. It also comes with a tether assembly, which urges the flying craft and the powered craft toward one another. Generally while flying, the powered craft is in front of the craft that is flying.

Flying has been an endless source of inspiration to inventors down through the centuries. Read “The Artificial Albatross - History of an Early Flying Machine” and “Japan's 'Crow' Model Airplane, Flying Since 1891”.

Will the Flying Craft Tethered to Powered Water Vehicle become the next greatest fad about to hit the nation? Time will tell, but if you don’t mind, I prefer to do my personal flying within the safety of my own home.

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May 11, 2009
by Anonymous

Aqua Fly Craft ideas & markets

To make Viable I urge these:

o More aerial stability
o Deeper Power Tug Module
o Gyroscopic stabilization mode.
o Undersea Tug tows at 35 knots plus speed
o Tug goes Into Wind for flight mode via sensor.

But Id be Fun.

Markets for;

Adventure Tourisim
Med Sea

Carry 2,4 passengers for 3 hour flights??

Have Undersea Tug AC Drive or use Sea for Fuel?

Algae biofuel drive???