Light Up the Night - Solar Moon Jars are Here

What child doesn't love watching and catching fireflies or lightning bugs during warm summer evenings? The Moon Jar is almost like having your very own lightning bug in your own room. Reminiscent of a Spielberg movie, Moon Jars are made out of honest-to-goodness Mason jars. The jars are frosted, giving them that super special effect kind of glow.

Solar Moon Jars by Suck UKSolar Moon Jars by Suck UK

Although they look magical, the jars are actually high-tech and green to boot. You don't have to worry about ugly cords or paying for electricity either. The jars are equipped with a solar cell, LED lamps and an AA rechargeable battery. All the jar needs is a little direct sunlight to charge the battery, which takes several hours. Once charged, the solar energy actually powers up the three little lamps that sit inside the jar. Once it is dark, the lights automatically come on, providing around 5 hours of glow-in-the-dark fun.

Moon JarsMoon Jars

Now anyone can dance by the light of the moon. Equipped with a waterproof seal, Moon Jars are just perfect for sleepovers or camping trips. They make great nightlights too. They measure about 4 x 4 x 6 inches and weigh a bit over 2 pounds. From Suck UK, several different colors choices are available. Each jar retails for about $35.

Source and Photos: Perpetual Kid and Amazon


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Jun 23, 2009
by Anonymous

Makes a great nightlight?

If you want to use this as a nightlight, get ready to only get 5 hours of sleep cause when that light goes out, your little ones will coming running to your room.