FLYBi Is World’s First Drone With VR Goggles

There is a new drone on the market and it’s a real game changer on every level.

Called the FLYBi, it is the world’s first drone that lets you experience flying like a bird high up in the sky.

The FLYBi comes with a wearable wrist remote control, an app, and head-tracker goggles, so you can now take flight anywhere and anytime you like.

Fly Like An Eagle

What’s makes the FLYBi so unique is that it simply gives you a first-hand flying experience.

Its wearable wrist remote control looks just like a smartwatch and you use it to control the height, direction and speed of this drone through a leaver (moves up and down, and to the right and left). The control has an 1.8-inch screen that displays and records your journey in the air. Video and photos are stored on the drone's Cloud System in real time. 

The wearable wrist remote control also keeps you in full control of the FLYBi. This one-of-a-kind drone has an array of features: intuitive controls, dedicated takeoff button, and a dedicated home and land button.

The FLYBi app lets you set the flight path you desire on a map. The app also allows users to program the drone to hover over certain areas in order to capture photographs and video. Even if an obstacle gets in the way, the FLYBi wil automatically change its flight path.

The head-tracker goggles are out of this world. You place the goggles on and you get a birds-eye view from high above the ground without ever having to leave it. The goggles provide a unique out-of-body-experience with 55-degree rotation.

The head tracker is equipped with sensors that track your movements, and a head-tracker transmitter that transmits signals to the drone through a dedicated channel. Video is also live-streamed into the goggles from the drone’s camera. Yes, truly amazing technology. The drone has a 1080 HD 12 PM lens installed on a head-tracker gimbal and it gives crisp and top-quality images and video.

The drone also comes with the Helideck, which is part-storage system and part landing platform. The Helideck comes with a high-powered charging system, and two USB ports for charging up other devices. The Helideck, which can also be sported as backpack, provides autonomous battery swamping that gives you unlimited flight time.

True Aerial Autonomy

The FLYBi is a first-of-its-kind drone.

Will this drone ‘fly’ on the market? There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it – this drone will be a huge success. Drones are very popular and the FLYBi adds a new dimension to the drone experience: Its VR head-tracker goggles give you the experience of actually really flying.

The FLYBi Tech Specs:

Size: 36x40 cm (14x16 inch)
Weight: (no payload): 2.2 pounds
Hover Accuracy: +/-0.1 (0.3 ft)
Flight Time (hover): 28 min
Light Time (mixed): 25 min
Max Speed: 50 kmh (31 mph)
Battery: LiPo, 11.1V 5400 mAh
Communication Distance: Up To 2000 m (1.2 miles)
Proximity Sensing: Ultrasonic Sensor. Range-10 m (33ft)
Landing Gear: Attachable. External
Flying Modes: Manual flight. Pre-programmed flights: “Follow Me” Mode
Flight Control: Flight Controller, GPS, Gyro, Accelerometer, Compass
Controller: FLYBi Wrist RC/FLYBi App
Gimbal: 2 Axis Head-Tracking
Camea: 1080 P, HD, 12 MP FPV Camera

Sure, this new drone may sound like it is expensive, but think again. The FLYBi only retails for $1195.00 (USD).

So, where are you flying to next?