Flying High: Ikarus Wax Lamp Melts Over Time

The Ikarus lamp was one of the highlights of the IMM Cologne Show last month. Designed by Aylin Kayser and Christian Metzner of Germany, this oddball creation is a wax lamp which gradually melts over the course of a month, completely changing shape and morphing into what resembles some kind of jellyfish or other sea creature.

Ikarus, the wax lampIkarus, the wax lamp

This lamp gives its user a chance to witness the physical consequences of their energy use, bringing to light the results of such dependence over time. A lampshade of pure paraffin is cast over a stainless steel frame, and depending on the wattage and strength of the light source, the shade will begin to melt from the inside out, gradually changing shape over the course of up to a month. And then what happens is anyone's guess. I just wouldn't want to be standing beneath it.

I guess this is a kind of one-shot deal, a concept perhaps meant to emphasize that we, like the mythological Greek character Icarus, are flying a little too high for our own good when it comes to our use of natural resources, and we'll eventually suffer for it. Or maybe it's just a cool, wax lamp and that's that.

I'm melting, melting!I'm melting, melting!
The fact this isn't in production mode might be a good thing, considering this has potential to make a great mess of things. But if it could somehow be worked into different colors or shapes, I do think this would be really cool in a Dali-esque kind of way.

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Feb 10, 2008
by Anonymous (not verified)

Environmental warnings and "green" morals be damned

I just want one because it looks cool.