FlyKly’s Smart Wheel For Bikes: Eliminating Unnecessary Pedaling

From its conception in a 1493 Gian Giacomo Caprotti sketch (or alleged conception—the authenticity of the sketch has been called into question), to the earliest prototype in the late 18th century, all the way to the carbon frames of today, the bicycle has been a staple of affordable transportation and, more recently, fitness. Not only is it an affordable means of transportation and a great exercise medium, it is extremely user friendly and easy to learn (hence the saying, “it’s like riding a bike”).


Smart WheelSmart Wheel


Now, with FlyKly’s Smart Wheel set to hit the market, the bicycle just got easier. (Warning: if you’re a fitness junkie, hands over your ears for this next part.) The Smart Wheel eliminates the “needless” pedaling that comes with operating a bicycle. This may sound a bit counter intuitive—the very definition and mechanics of the bicycle imply pedaling as its motive power—but Smart Wheel promises a “brand new perspective” on the bicycle.

With the elimination of pedaling, cyclists no longer need to worry about the inconvenience of sweat and muscle soreness. Again, cycling enthusiasts may not be keen on the idea of eliminating a key component in the cycling experience. However, the Smart Wheel isn’t necessarily intended to enhance the cycling experience. Rather it changes it, making scenery and efficiency the foci, with intentions to shorten distances, reduce distractions and eliminate the need for a change of clothes for bicycle commuters.

Smart Wheel also connects to smartphones. Through the FlyKly app and Bluetooth, riders can monitor their speed, time and distance travelled, as well as lock their Smart Wheel when they have reached their destination. The app and Bluetooth technology also allows riders to track their bicycle if it starts moving, and Smart Wheel can learn from cyclists’ habits and suggest ways to improve the biking experience.

Cyclists can preorder the Smart Wheel on the FlyKly site; orders begin shipping in June 2014.