Flyrad Combines Odd Sports Gear From the Past For a Crazy Ride

You know, I'd never think of combining a unicycle, a motor and a pair of roller blades. In fact, I'd never think anyone would think of combining those three things. But, someone did. And the Flyrad was born.


I'm not sure what exactly you'd call this piece of gear, but it's basically a motorized unicycle pulling a guy on roller blades.  A guy with a weird choice of wardrobe and what looks like a pretty sweet corporate mullet. Just in case balancing on rollerblades wasn't difficult enough, imagine pairing it with something even more difficult to balance--the unicycle--strapping a motor to it and then trying to somehow drive around. Yeah, "Why!?" is right. 

And seeing as how many different concepts in land-based, wheeled vehicles this combines, I'm not sure why it's called the "fly" rad. Maybe the "Scootrad" or the "Shredrad",  but not really the Flyrad. 

You don't need to squat in #2-in-the-woods position like Wall Street '86 up there, you can actually sit on the moto-uni and plant the roller blades on either side in some sort of makeshift moped formation.

The Flyrad comes from Germany and is due out next year.  More info (in German).

 Gizmodo via Dvice via Coolest Gadgets