The Headset Now Has FCC Approval

Good news, ladies and gentlemen! The headset just recently passed through the FCC for certification. Basically, what that means is that the device is set to ship this month, and you can start pumping electricity through your brain before the summer is up. For some of you, that might not sound like such an attractive concept. 

 I know I had my doubts, at first. The brain battery, as I referred to it, at first seemed eerily reminiscent of the electric chair, and I found myself rather concerned that it might carry with it more than a few serious side effects. After all, you're running an electrical current - an artificially created one - through your head. That doesn't seem terribly safe...does it? 

As it turns out, it's probably even safer than drinking a cup of coffee. uses a technique known as "transcranial direct-current stimulation," applying it liberally to the prefrontal cortex of the brain. Reportedly, this confers a temporary boost to both short-term memory and cognitive function. Most of the hands-on reviews I've read of the device liken it to having caffeine, but without any of the negative side effects which commonly go along with that.

Oh,  you can also control it via a smartphone app through Bluetooth 4.0.

For those of you interested in picking up a headset of your own, it retails for $249 and can be ordered up at the official product website. Me, I think I might wait until a few official reviews start surfacing. After all, that's a pretty hefty price for what basically amounts to a renewable cup of joe.

via Engadget