Fogo's Smart Flashlight Proves Nothing Is Safe From the Smart Trend

Everything is becoming "smart." Everything. You name it and I'll bet there is a smart version of it. Obviously, it started with the phone and has worked its way into every part of society. If there is a way to make it "smarter," you can bet someone has done it or is working on doing it. The latest player in this new, smart world is the Fogo Ultimate Adventure Gadget, a flashlight that is intelligent, I mean smart. Yes, smart.

The Fogo UAG is the brainchild of Fogo Digital and was a competitor in the 2015 CES Hardware Battlefield, where it first recognized for its innovation and creativity. The project has now officially started on Kickstarter and offers backers perks such as securing custom "call signs" for the walkie-talkie SmartCap add-on all the way up to pledging to purchase four Fogo smart flashlights at a discounted rate.

So, what makes this flashlight so smart? Well, first off, the flashlight includes a GPS motion tracker and digital compass that will alert you to points of interest and other people within your vicinity (who are using a Fogo). If you get too far off the beaten trail and find yourself straying from your path, the Fogo will alert you by blinking rapidly. There are also features included that allow you to monitor speed, distance, elevation and a USB port to allow you to charge your phone.

The most exciting part of the Fogo, however, is the SmartCap. The SmartCap is where the true customization comes in. Currently, the only cap available for the Fogo is the Walkie-Talkie cap which allows users to send/receive text messages and have real-time voice communications. The only downside is that this can only happen between Fogo users. Fogo plans on releasing new caps often with plans already in the works for a Satellite modem SmartCap and an Avalanche Beacon SmartCap. The possibilities truly are endless with the SmartCap feature.

If you are the outdoorsy type then I definitely recommend checking out the Kickstarter campaign for the Fogo. If you're reading this article the chances are high that you enjoy both tech and being in nature, and this little gadget sates both of those appetites.