Fold Flat Flexible Kitchen Utensils Do More Than Flip Burgers

Three pieces of plastic cookware can change your life. The three Flexible Cooking Utensils turn into six with just a squeeze, like Transformers in your kitchen. These food-grade nylon and silicone utensils fold flat. You heard that right. Fold flat for easy, organized storage.

Fold Flat Pasta UtensilsFold Flat Pasta Utensils

At less than $20 each, they are dishwasher safe and super-functional. Each one has a flexible spine that goes from flat to contoured with just a squeeze of the hand. Use them for every kitchen application from flipping to scooping. Their materials are pan-friendly, even more so than wood or bamboo. The silicone and nylon resist heat up to 400 degrees F (200 Celsius).

Fold Flat Salad SetFold Flat Salad Set

Come to grips with cooking tasks and organization in one easy squeeze. Add a little affordable luxury to your kitchen, and ditch the disaster in your utensil drawer. Each unfolded utensil is approximately 11.5 inches long and 3.5 inches wide. The entire set is available at Uncommon Goods

Fold Flat SpatulaFold Flat Spatula

 Source: Uncommon Goods