Folding iPad Stand Puts Your Tablet on Hold

iPad owners everywhere are raising their voices about raising their iPads and why not? You've got this big ol' touchscreen tablet but your biceps are bulging like Popeye's from having to hold the thing up every time you use it.

The latest First World Problem? Maybe, but fear not Apple Fanboys (and Fangirls), Shanghai Donya's got a first-rate solution: the Folding iPad Stand!

The Folding iPad Stand is a vertically and horizontally adjustable aluminum stand designed in the traditional A-frame or sawhorse style. The central bracket unlocks to grasp your iPad (or any similarly sized tablet computer), then locks into position leaving the user's hands free to navigate the touchscreen, chat on their iPhone, smoke a cigarette and guzzle a beer – how's THAT for multitasking!

The stand weighs 927 grams or around 2 pounds, which when its folding capability is taken into account means it's conveniently portable. Take it on a camping trip, bring it to the hospital if you're in for an extended stay, take it to bed with you, whatever! Set it up in the living room so Baby can learn all the wonders of the World Wide Web without straining his or her tiny infant arms... actually don't do that, this advice is bad and we feel bad.

Adults can order the Folding iPad Stand online direct from Shanghai Donya, it's available in a choice of black, blue or magenta anodized fishes with black trim. The item comes with a 6-month warranty and is priced at 3,999 yen (about $50), tax included.

Sep 12, 2012
by Anonymous

Artistically design this

Artistically design this innovative folding ipad stand have taken my attention due to its brilliant functionally and holing capacity. Surprising package for pad stand.

Sep 13, 2012
by Anonymous

Rotating iPad Stand

Wow!!! It's really a Fantastic iPad Stand.
iPad Stand

Sep 19, 2012
by Anonymous

ipad bed stand

I bought this ipad stand from its a cushion that works as an ipad holder. Its made from velvet and very comfy to use in bed and on my lap.