Folding Portable Scissors Show Off Cutting Edge Design

All you rebels out there who are just dying to run with scissors (sometimes literally) now's your chance. This handy-dandy pair of folding portable scissors from Japan's Kutsuwa Co. was engineered with portability and safety in mind:

  • The included ball chain makes it a cinch to hang on a key chain or backpack zipper.
  •  Handles that fold back on themselves keep sharp cutting surfaces on the inside - now you don't have to think twice before jamming a pair of scissors (OWW!) in your pocket.

There are countless uses for a pair of folding portable scissors; just consider how many times you need to open paper of plastic packaging during the course of your day.

Even something like a bag of chips or a fast-food packet of ketchup can pose problems as they often don't open neatly - making you look messy. No more: just whip out your scissors and cut to the chase!


These small, lightweight (19gm or 2/3oz.)scissors come with white plastic handles complemented by your choice of orange, black, pink or blue.

They can be ordered through Amazon Japan for between 380 and 400 yen each (about $4.25), though unfortunately they can't be shipped to addresses outside the country. (via Impress Watch)

EDITOR'S NOTE: In the U.S., these portable folding scissors offer similar features.

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