Folding Shoes from Timberland Japan Zip Up & Clip On

Radler Trail “Camp” shoes from Timberland Japan take portability to the next level. A built-in zipper running along the upper flange of the sole allows the shoes to be folded, zipped and hung by a carabiner clip when not being worn.
The basic shoes are dark gold above with black laces and trim, though other colors including pink, white, and green camo are also available. The uppers are made of breathable fiber that allows the shoes to “breathe”, keeping the wearer's feet cooler and drier. The outsoles are composed of Green Rubber™ but they're black in color.

Timberland boasts about being the first shoe company to use Green Rubber™ in their soles. The compound is produced through the use of DeLink™ technology, a manufacturing process that converts scrap rubber into a recycled compound used alongside of and/or instead of pure rubber.

Radler Trail “Camp” shoes are designed for outdoor recreation and are cut down low around the ankle. They retail for 7,350 yen or around $88 per pair and can be purchased online at the Timberland Japan website. (via Japan Today)

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May 14, 2012
by Anonymous

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