Folding Wooden Princess Castle Gives Girls A Chance To Rule For Christmas

Most toy castle sets are for boys and come with grey stone walls, archers, and a general sense of foreboding. The Melissa and Doug wooden folding princess castle offers a high-quality medieval alternative for girls.

The first thing of note when it comes to the Melissa and Doug wooden folding princess castle is that it is, in fact, made of wood. It is not a white-and-pink plastic monstrosity but instead stands 26" high with the included castle pennant, is 18" deep and unfolds to a length of 36" or three massive feet. The wood itself is screened rather than hand-painted, but is of a substantially higher quality than most similar products on the market.

This castle comes with two removable turrets, an arched walkway and a working drawbridge, just to name a few of its features. The white, pink and flower detailing on the castle also includes a touch of gold around the tops of the towers, giving it a distinctive "girly" look without going too far over the edge into "garish".

Folding princess castle: in all its unfurled glory.Folding princess castle: in all its unfurled glory. 

Melissa and Doug's folding princess castle does not come with any furniture, animals, people, or other add-ons, but the Melissa and Doug site features wooden figures of all of these kinds and more for sale to go along with any Princess castle. Playmobil and other figures will work as well, but many buyers want to keep the quality wood theme going once they receive their castle from the company.

Right now, the castle is available for the holidays at Amazon for only $60.00 and can still make it in time for Christmas. The reviews for the toy are overwhelmingly positive, with almost every review mentioning both the size and quality of the castle.

So if you've got a princess you're shopping for this holiday season, the Melissa and Doug folding princess castle might just be the stand-out, unexpected, high quality gift you give this year. 

Update: For the boys, there is a great medieval castle from Melissa and Doug which got rave reviews as well.



Source: Melissa and Doug 

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