Fontus Bicycle Water Bottle System Collects & Condenses Moisture From The Air

Long-distance bike riders are gonna love Fontus, a solar powered self-filling bicycle water bottle that condenses moisture from the air and stores it as safe drinking water.

Fontus was designed by Kristof Retezar, currently studying Industrial Design at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, Austria. “My goal was to create a small, compact and self-sufficient device able to absorb humid air, separate water molecules from air molecules and store water in liquid form in a bottle,” states Retezar. By George, we think he's done it!

Drawing inspiration from the plight of over 2 billion people in more than 40 countries who must deal with water scarcity all day, every day, Retezar saw a way to adapt the ancient practice of water harvesting using today's cheap but effective technology.

The result is Fontus: a compact, self-sufficient device that takes in humid air, separates the water molecules from the air molecules, and stores the clean, pure water in a common half-liter PET bottle.

The heart of Fontus is a Peltier Element, a small solar-powered cooler that condenses water vapor out of the air. The system functions best on sunny, humid days when the bicycle rider is in motion for long periods of time. Under these optimal conditions, Retezar has observed water accumulate in the bottle at a constant drop-flow rate of one drop of condensed water per minute. In such conditions, the bottle will fill with water in about an hour.

Fontus has been recognized by the James Dyson Foundation as being a student-conceived project worthy of notice on a global platform. It's likely we'll be hearing much more about Fontus and its perceptive designer, Kristof Retezar, in the near future. (images via Designboom)