Food2Dorm: Convenient Delivery Of Fresh Food To College Dorms

It's the season where prospective college students are anxiously awaiting their acceptances letters from the colleges they applied to (if they haven't heard back already) to find out where they'll be living in the fall. A lot of planning can go into dorm living, especially when students will be living away from home for the first time, and food can be an issue which is why one business decided to tap into the niche.


Healthy food is not always readily accessible to students that live in dorms, and campus cafeterias just don't always offer enough options for those who don't want fried fare day after day. Grocery shopping isn't always convenient either, because while storage of food may not be an issue, getting items home without a car can pose a big challenge. To address these issues, Food2Dorm has begun offering a grocery shopping delivery service specifically for college students.

The concept isn't one that's new, but the niche market focusing on college students is. Food2Dorm operates like a typical grocery delivery service, allowing students to order online. However, they do have one perk that students are sure to love; parents are given the capability of depositing money into their child's account with their own isolated login!

With Food2Dorm ready to help new students deal with eating issues, at least it's one less thing to plan for fall!

Via: CoolBusinessIdeas