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Cheese RoomCheese Room

Imagine coming home one night and finding your whole living room is draped in cheese. I bet it would have looked something like the Cheese Room.

Cosimo Cavallaro is an artist that uses food as his medium to create very unique exhibits and sculptures.

Cheese ChairCheese Chair

Cosimo Cavallaro was born in Montreal and raised in Canada and Italy. Attending various art schools, he eventually got into film while helping out a friend on a movie set. Shortly after he became a full-time production designer working on features and then moving on to commercials. Becoming a director soon followed. He won many awards for directing but still focused on his art.

Cheese JacketCheese Jacket

Cavallaro's art suggests "the struggle between need and desire; the known and unknown; the warm security of the womb and the chill uncertainty of the world." His work has been shown throughout the world and his mediums range from photography to large steel sculptures to food, such as his recent work with cheese.

Candy ChairCandy Chair

I wonder how many people have gotten stuck to the Candy Chair.... 

Rubber PianoRubber Piano

Sweet SaintsSweet Saints


Ham BedHam Bed

For some reason everytime I look at the Ham Bed my mouth starts to water.

The Ham Bed is totally what would have happened if my mom had let me eat in bed when I was younger. Yeah, not a pretty sight. I bet clean-up was fun had by all!


Many thanks to Cosimo Cavallaro!


Oct 29, 2008
by Anonymous

it looks more like a haunted

it looks more like a haunted creepy house more than it looking delicious