Food Containers That Respond To Sound and Light: Great Idea?

Patent# US 6796671 shocks the user while he or she is eating. It is the result of the fertile imaginations behind the toy company known as Ruddell Design. The patent for these Contact Activated Sound and Light Generating Novelty Food Containers, covers straws, spoons, and ice pops that use YOU or your food to complete an electrical circuit. It’s kind of like having your cake and being allowed to eat it too (or something like that).


(The above illustration doesn’t show much, but it is the only one available with this patent).

Contact Activated Sound and Light Generating Novelty Food Containers shock the user while eating. Some may wonder: does this mean a lawsuit is nigh? Others may not care and are content to just enjoy relating to the sound emitting and/or illuminated toy "ice pop". Its aspect of mystery and surprise does succeed in bringing out the child in all of us. The toy emits a sound and/or light when a user drinks a liquid through a straw. It does this via electrodes, which are in fluid synchronization with an inner channel of the straw. The electrodes are connected to a light source or a sound generating device.

The process begins when a user drinks through a straw as this liquid provides an electrical path between electrodes. This invention is versatile because it also includes a sound/light emitting toy which supports a piece of candy. By licking the candy, the user provides an electrical path between the electrodes which closes a circuit and activates the light source.

Food and drink are a constant source of inspiration in our dynamic cosmos. Consider Steve Levenstein’s piece, “The Square Watermelon - Strange Fruit Indeed!” and M Dee Dubroff’s “Gin and Titonic Ice-Cube Mold: A New Drinking Experience and Sinking Feeling.”


So eat, drink, be merry and watch out for those sneaky electrodes! They are everywhere!