Foosball Gets Automated

If you’ve been looking for a partner to play foosball because your friends won’t join in on the fun, then your search is over. Thanks to a group of students, lonely foosball all-stars now have an opponent that’s not a human being.

A group of engineering students, from the University of Adelaide in Australia, have teamed up with motion control experts to build a competitive automated foosball table. The unique invention, comprised of a motion sensor system, gave the students the top award in their final-year mechatronics project competition.

Custom-written “AI” software, a 96-pinhole camera and LED sensor grid system were just some of equipment used to create the automated table. The project was sponsored by Sage Didactic and supported by Rockwell Automation. Such support was given in hopes that the finished project could be used to promote interest in engineering. The automated foosball table will be kept as an example of the ability of engineering students at Sage Didactic’s new training facility in Adelaide.

To find out more information about the specifics on the automated foosball table, you can visit the following website.