FootUndeez: Capezio Makes Luxurious Lingerie For Your Feet!

The term 'thong' refers to more than one fashion item; the kind that can be worn on your bum or the kind that can be worn on your feet. More often than not it's thought of as lingerie, though, so one footwear company has taken that idea and gone with the logical next step. FootUndeez!

Foot UndeezFoot Undeez

Bet you never thought you'd see lingerie for your feet, but Capezio decided to play upon the idea of thongs and the connection to lingerie to create sexy footwear designed to support while providing some interesting appeal. This foot lingerie is sure to appeal to those men that have a foot fetish, although it was really designed to be quirky and also provide added comfort with padding for the balls of your feet.

Lingerie for FeetLingerie for Feet

With these fashion items now in your mind; what will you think of next time you hear the word 'thong'?You can see the wide variety of FootUndeez available here. Some of them are ridiculously cute.

Via: Coco Perez

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Sep 20, 2010
by Anonymous

Not even close

Personally, I don't find these the least bit attractive and I have a foot fetish. The first set of pictures makes the wearer look like she has a foot problem...not very sexy.

Sep 24, 2010
by Anonymous

what?!?! retarded

This shoe is a dance shoe, for modern ballet or lyrical dance. Not foot underwear...capezio makes dance shoes (!). It's so that you can turn on the ball of your foot- decades ago modern dancers would build callous on their feet in order to turn better, this alleviates that and is far more hygienic......... Foot fetish, what poor journalist found this and thought it was an interesting find, I nearly fell off my seat laughing when I saw what it was.