Like Football Or Hockey? Check Out These Collectors Helmets

America Football HelmetAmerica Football Helmet

If you're a hockey or football (American football) fan, you'll appreciate these collectors helmets from AMORI STEELE. Two collector's hockey masks and 6 collector's football helmets, covered in eye-popping art work, make up AMORI STEELE's Prestige and Home of the Brave collections. 

These collector's helmets may be a "look, don't touch" sort of thing for most of us sports fans. The hockey masks will only have 3 recreations made of each, so the buyer can expect to pay upwards of $12,000. The football helmets will only have 6 recreations made of each, and a buyer can expect the same price.

ARMORI STEELE American Glory Hockey MaskARMORI STEELE American Glory Hockey Mask

These helmets unite traditional hand-painted art with technological ingenuity and jewlery craftsmanship to create vivid scenes and striking images on each helmet. The Prestige Collection features two hockey masks. One celebrates American Glory and the other The Redness of Pride (a Canadian thing).

Las Vegas Football HelmetLas Vegas Football Helmet

ARMORI STEELE's collection of football helmets, The Home of the Brave Collection, immortalizes battlefield scenes and pays tribute to American culture. There is the America helmet, featuring the flag and Statue of Liberty, the Heroes of Today helmet, the Rough Riders helmet, the Viva Las Vegas helmet, Wall Street helmet and World at War helmet. 

Wall Street Football HelmetWall Street Football Helmet

Each helmet features 24 karat pure gold foil contour, gold plating, encrusted diamonds and distinct inner markings for collector differentiation. These helmets also come with a heavy weight glass case with a hand-crafted cherry wood base, a cleaning cloth, inspection gloves and collectors cards. 

World At War Football HelmetWorld At War Football Helmet

If you or someone you know is a die-hard football fan, who loves America, one of these collectors helmets may be your/their dream gift. If nothing else, these collections are fun to look at. Check out the ARMORI STEELE site to view the entirety of the two collections and to find out more info.