Footprint's Real-Time Web Stats Outdoes Google Analytics

While Google Analytics is ubiquitous for tracking Web site traffic, it lacks in real-time analytics.  Similar to how real-time search escaped Google's grasp until it's recent partnership deals with Twitter and Facebook, the grand-daddy of search engine hasn't yet been able to put its collective brain trust around real-time web stats.

 For SEO experts whose trade is based on dissecting online traffic, Google is presently missing the mark with this type of analysis. While it is now supposedly indexing the whole web in real-time, it is really not providing us with the full picture. While many users undertaking Internet search may be assuming that if they did not get the information they expected, it did not exist, they will now come to realise that it could just be that the search index is out of date.

That is...up till now. While very few services have taken on this challenge either, a Netherlands-based company called 'Footprint Live Analytics' has arrived on the scene to fill the void.

Using Javascript code on the pages you want to track, this 'free' service allows users to view data on pages others are checking out in real-time. If you were to hover your mouse over a Footprint's 'green puppet' icon, the system will provide you with the complete user profile including the referrer, search engine, search term, browser, IP Address, contact/address data, company/organization, ISP, number of pages viewed, number of visits,and the first and last measurement.

Pertaining to privacy, Footprint does not provide personal data. Your visitors will remain anonymous. Footprint will identify returning visitors and show you what companies, governmental agencies, organizations and universities are visiting your site, however Footprint does not provide personal (contact) information.

What it does provide however that's missing Google, is a one-click analysis to determine traffic quality and individual behavior instantaneously. Users can learn what they need to know to improve their Web sites, blogs, tweets and status updates simply by looking at real visitors from entry to exit. You can actually drill down on any entry to see the click-path of any individual user. Check how long pages are visited, why are some pages visited for only a few seconds. Are other pages more interesting? Why do some pages get more attention, and are your visitors doing what you expect them to do?

To get started, all you have to do is register your name and email address. In turn, Footprint will send you an email containing a line of HTML code (a javascript), to place in the source code of your site. As soon as you have placed the javascript into your site you will be able to watch your traffic live.

Real-time web stat analysis is a hot ticket item. Other companies like have also introduced a platform that will monitor, analyze and react to your blog or web site's traffic in real-time.

However, not to be outdone, I wouldn't be too surprised if the Big G does not decide to either absorb Footprint and/or GetClicky or create it's own super-charged real-time web analysis tool package itself. Eleven years ago, Google was labeled the 'next big thing.' I don't think a couple of small upstarts will be able to compete head-on-head once Google puts its sights on filling its 'real-time analytics' void.

Jan 6, 2010
by Anonymous


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