Footwear with GPS: A Great Idea?

Patent# US 6788200, also known as Footwear with GPS, is the perfect invention for those among us who are not sure of where we are going. It involves a locator unit contained within footwear providing a method for GPS position determination and transmission of location data to a central monitoring station, which then disseminates the data through software and the Internet.



The electronic circuitry is located in the mid sole of the shoe and can be selectively inserted and/or removed. The GPS unit and transponder is contained within a socket positioned within the shoe’s heel. This translates into the fact that the location of the wearer of this special shoe can be easily determined. One question remains: Does this mean that even if the circuitry is misplaced, you can always find yourself?

Man has always been challenged by location, and most often out of a sense of personal pride won’t ask directions if lost. Now, he (or she) doesn’t have to ask anyone where he or sheis. They can save face with this special shoe, not to mention other body parts. Check out these other ideas about special shoes dreamed up by other inventors. Read Jeff Brown’s piece, “DAMPS Technology Footwear” and Aditi Simlai Tiwari’s article, “Shoe-Fleur, A Footwear Fantasy.

If you don’t like what you read, don’t despair. You can always keep walking. Now you know where you are really going!