For Inventors, Young & Old: "Prototype This" On Discovery Channel

The Discovery Channel, the "number one non-fiction media company," has produced a TV series just perfect for inventors, designers, and wannabes of any age. It's called Prototype This and guess what it is not! It is NOT a reality show! Hurray!

Prototype This should be quite a learning experience for kids and adults. Each week, a team of three professionals will be challenged to create totally new projects from just an idea, and we, the viewers get to see how the team works from an idea to an actual prototype. The Prototype This TV team will be 1) Joe Grand, electrical engineer and inventor; 2) Terry Sandin, professional special effects creator; and 3) Dr. Zoz Brooks, a robot and computer expert.

Can't wait to see Prototype This? The TV show is scheduled to premiere on October 15, 2008 on the Discover Channel. On the first show the team will be charged with creating a road-rage proof vehicle. In subsequent episodes their challenges will include creating an inflatable car, a robot that can carry people, and a backyard waterslide simulator that provides thrills equivalent to a waterslide in an amusement park. Should be interesting...

(Check your local listings for times: Discover Channel, Prototype This, on October 15, 2008!)

Photo: courtesy Tech Shop


Sep 14, 2008
by Anonymous

Wow, I really wish I had cable...

I guess I'll just stream episodes as tehy come out online... Maybe they'll show how to make prototypes at home for independent inventors! That's what I really need to see!