Force Performance Transforms the Charger

Although the new Chargers are not the high performing vehicles they used to be, there are still fairly popular in more than a few places. However if you are one of the people who want a Charger but wish it was a little more "exciting" to drive, Force Performance may have the perfect solution.

The custom team at Force Performance has taken the stock 4-door Charger and turned it into a 2-door street machine they have named the TriCharger. The most obvious changes are the removal of the rear doors and lengthening of the front doors take up some of the space. A pair of scallops, borrowed from the early 70's Chargers, has been added to both of the doors as well.

The front nose piece has been redesigned and both rear fenders have been slightly flared, once again harking back to the muscle car days of the Charger. A new air dam and hood scoop finish up the front end, while an integrated spoiler crowns the tail end.

While the aggressive styling is impressive, the real challenge was what to hide under the hood. The Force Performance Team settled for a massive upgrade to the stock Hemi. A massive power boost came in the form of a pair of GT40 turbo chargers complete with a set of custom fabricated turbo headers. Just in case that wasn't enough, Force added a brand new supercharger, compliments of MagnaCharger, to the twin-turbo Hemi. A custom intake for the blower was bolted to the top end to complete the package.

To handle all the extra power, all of the Charger's suspension components had to be upgraded. High strength axels were installed and the vehicle was lowered, both front and rear, to help with handling. Twelve inch wide rear tires get power to the ground while Brembo's high-performance brakes bring the Charger to a stop.

The interior includes a set of new Autometer Cobalt gauges, a Navigation system and some Audio/Visual goodies for the people in the rear seats, complete with a high output Kicker Audio system. The leather seats and matching trim are custom made, as are the leather and suede door panels.

How much this cost and how long it took is anybody's guess, but I'm sure it wasn't cheap or quick. The progression from stock Charger to TriCharger can be seen on Forces Website.

Source : Force Performance