Ford and ScentAir Present The Top 7 Aromas For A More Enjoyable Drive

To help kick off National Sense of Smell Day and keep the good thymes coming down the road, Ford Motor Company and ScentAir have compiled a list of the Top 7 Aromas For A More Enjoyable Drive

Now if they can only infuse these 7 scent-sational smells into those Car Freshner magic trees designed to hang from one's rear view mirror, we might finally see the end of road rage.       

1) Mahogany

Ron Burgundy's apartment may smell of rich mahogany and leather bound books but what about his car? ScentAir sez this tropical tree's aroma has the power to comfort the mind while imbuing a sense of productivity and empowerment. “It's a formidable scent... It stings the nostrils. In a good way,” adds our indomitable and hard-driving anchorman. (image via Business Insider

2) Ocean

Kramer was right! Just like a relaxing day at The Beach, the cleanliness and freshness of the ocean (Jersey Shore not included) can reduce stress by fostering a more positive outlook. Of course, having Kramer's sweaty arm in your face while attempting to pass a semi on the freeway would tend to ADD stress to one's commute. Just sayin'. (image via Daily Seinfeld)  

3) Vanilla and Sandalwood

OK, so “Vanilla Sandlewood” sounds like a stripper name but that's fine, just tell your GF or wife the combination of these timeless aromas conjures up a warm, comfortable environment perfectly conducive to “an evening drive with that special someone”, as ScentAir puts it. You may still be sleeping in the doghouse but at least you'll be stress-free. (image via Art Fire/Essensu)  

4) Fig

Sorry bacon-lovers, pig is out and fig is in! ScentAir points out the subtle aroma of figs “helps every moment to feel like a journey”, spicing up those mundane, tedious trips to the market. You may have already noted this effect if little Johnny missed a few Fig Newtons when he spilled the whole box back in 2009. (image via Wikipedia)      

5) Basil

ScentAir recommends the aroma of basil for “inspiring the mind to wander for those long holiday drives or lengthy vacation road trips...” Wait, what? Evidently a wandering mind is a GOOD thing when navigating life's highways and byways. In any case, it's doubtful anyone will appreciate your car smelling like an addled English hotel manager. (image via Elephant Journal   

6) Summer Grass

The refreshing and invigorating scent of summer grass is familiar to anyone barring hardcore inner city dwellers... unless those inner cities happen to be in Colorado or Washington. ScentAir touts the pastoral odor's ability to liven up short drives and imparting a boost to keep you on your A-game. Do we credit the summer grass for that or the antihistamines you've taken before leaving the house? (image via Allergic Living)      

7) Eucalyptus and Mint

Known more for flavoring cough medicine and feeding koalas, eucalyptus and mint also add a cooling quotient to your hectic morning drive. ScentAir promises “a softer and deeper experience” for drivers and, presumably, coughing koalas. (image via Art Fire)

While any beneficial effects these scents may have on drivers are unlikely at best and distracting at worst (we're looking at you, Basil), they've got to be better that the real-world alternatives: your kid's gym bag after football practice, an incontinent pet, or the mouse that punches its ticket in a vent hose. Yep, they can't come out with those updated tree thingies soon enough! (car scent images above via AboutCar and at top via Car-Freshner)