Ford and Microsoft Planning Hohm Hybrid Monitoring System

Ford and Microsoft have working together for quite some time thanks to the Sync entertainment system, and it appears as though they are planning on keeping that relationship alive and healthy with the introduction of a new web based hybrid monitoring system.Microsoft HohmMicrosoft Hohm

The new system has been called Hohm Energy Management and will be able to provide feedback to owners about their vehicle charging habits. Once enough data has been collected, Hohm will also be able to offer suggestions on the best time to charge your hybrid, as well as other money saving tips.

According to Ford and Microsoft, the push for such a program is due to the results of a recently conducted survey that says about 42% of consumers would be likely to buy a hybrid or all electric vehicle within the next two years. By establishing such an infrastructure now, it could lead a huge boost in hybrid sales by the time everything is in place.

Ford Focus HybridFord Focus Hybrid

Ford is still hoping to have 5 electric vehicles on the road by 2013, and the Hohm Energy Management program will likely be at the center of the plan.