The 2008 Mustang Line Up - Not just the Usual Suspects

The Ford Mustang has been around since the 1960's and it doesn't show any signs of leaving. It has gone through many changes throughout the years but is still one of the most celebrated cars of all time. The 2008 model promises to keep the legend alive by bringing back some old and throwing in some new.

The base Mustang will remain unchanged for the most part. There will be a few tweaks here and there but the car will remain similar to the 2007 model. Ford will still offer the Pony Package for the V6 Mustang to allow drivers to get the feel of a GT by providing upgraded suspension and 18" premium wheels.

The GT buyers can once again look forward to the 300 horsepower V8. They will also have the option to buy 2 additional packages. The first is the GT appearance package. It includes the hood-scoop, valve covers with pony emblems and a pair of chrome exhaust tips. The second option is the California Special Package. It comes with a full body kit, larger air intake, custom "Cal Special" inserts for the leather seats and side scoops.

GT500KR: 540 HorsepowerGT500KR: 540 Horsepower

From the Shelby side of the ring we get 4 different packages of which 3 are available to the public. The first is the Shelby GT. Not many changes to report other than the addition of a convertible option. Next, is the Shelby GT500. The only configuration offered is the potent 5.4 liter V8 coupled to a 6-speed transmission. The other, and more impressive, is the Shelby GT500KR. It will drop a few pounds by using a carbon composite hood and feature a set of Shelby Designed 18" rims. The Shelby GT-H will also be available to rent from Hertz Rental Car Companies. It, like the GT will offer either a hard top or a convertible.

GT-H: Gotta love HertzGT-H: Gotta love Hertz

The 2 newest additions to the Mustang Family are the Bullitt Mustang and the "Warriors in Pink" package.

The Bullitt package was first introduced in 2001 to commemorate the movie, Bullitt, in which a 1968 Mustang wreaked havoc on the streets of San Francisco. The 2008 Edition will feature a little more kick under the hood (about 15 horsepower) along with special emblems and badges. A key feature will be a true dual-exhaust system that uses a new "H-pipe" design.

"Warriors In Pink""Warriors In Pink"

The Warriors in Pink package was designed to help in the battle against Breast Cancer. The floor-mats will have pink stitching along with the seats and steering wheel. The Pony emblem will be surrounded by a pink ribbon as will the "Mustang" rocker stripe. You can order it in either black, white or silver and choose between convertible or hard top.

Since 1964 the Mustang has had a place in the hearts of car enthusiasts around the world. Fads can come and go, wars can be fought and new planets can be reached. The Mustang will remain.

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George Delozier
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