Ford Challenges OnStar

Since it's launch, OnStar has served millions of customers. Ford and a company called SkyWay Systems Inc. have teamed up to create something that could rival OnStars system.

The computer system is named SmartAlert and comes with similar features of OnStar. The most important being the Early Theft Detection and Stole Vehicle Recovery. They work hand-in-hand with your security system to detect possible theft attempts. If the system is alerted, it will forward the location to law enforcement agencies and they should respond accordingly. It guarantees recovery or your money back.

Another feature more for parents is the ability ot monitor where the vehicle is, has been and the top speed at which the car has traveled. It keeps a short history of where the vehicle has been and with one phone call you can learn its past and current locations. It also allows you to set a maximum speed and receive alerts via phone-call, text message or online when the pre-set speed has been exceeded.

SkyWay will also send you monthly reports telling you the total mileage put on the vehicle for the month, maximum speed for the month and total drive time. They will also be more than happy to unlock your door just in case.

HatTip : SkyWay Systems , Reuters

George Delozier
Automotive Innovations