Ford Compares EcoBoost Engine to Competition’s V8s

Since the EcoBoost engine was first introduced, Ford has been working tirelessly to make it as powerful and fuel efficient as possible. This is, of course, due mainly to the EcoBoost drivetrain being the staple of Ford's long term plan to increase sales. The real question is, how well will the new engine do when compared to the competition? Ford recently released a side-by-side comparison that should help answer that question.


Assuming all of these figures are accurate, it is very clear that the EcoBoost engine will provide a substantial amount of power for its size, being beaten only by the BMW 550i. In terms of fuel economy it is at the top of the list, achieving 25mpg on the highway.

Ford is planning on scaling up production and availability of the EcoBoost drivetrain over the next several years. By 2013 they are planning on offering the EcoBoost as an option in at least 90% of all vehicles, including the F-150 by 2010.

The engineers are also planning on introducing a few new EcoBoost engines, smaller in size, to better fit specific vehicles.

The engine Ford was using for the testing was the standard 3.5 liter EcoBoost V6 that will eventually make its way into the Lincoln MKS and several other models that are currently using larger V6 or V8 engines.