Ford EcoBoost Lineup Gets a Twin Turbo V6

Considering how much positive feedback Ford's 4-cylinder EcoBoost engine received, the next logical step would be a V6. Ford decided to take it one step further by designing a high output EcoBoost engine that should catch the interest of performance junkies and eco-savvy people alike.

The new EcoBoost V6 is rated at 355 horsepower and 350 lb/ft of torque. Those power ratings come mostly from the addition of a pair of Honeywell GT15 turbochargers. Adding the twin turbo system to the already potent engine allows the V6 to compete with the larger V8 engines that are usually seen in the same class of vehicles.

The real selling point for these engines in that the gain in power doesn't come at the expense of fuel economy. Currently, Ford has estimated fuel mileage gains between 10% and 15% when compared to vehicles in similar classes.

Derrick Kuzak, VP of Product Development at Ford, said it best: "The beauty of EcoBoost is that it enables us to downsize for fuel efficiency, yet boost for power. We're able to decrease the size of the available engine, such as installing a V6 versus a V8, yet boost the power using turbocharging to deliver similar power and torque of that larger engine."

Ford is planning on introducing the new EcoBoost V6 in the Flex, as well as the Lincoln MKS and MKT.  There are also rumors floating around that it could be used to power the next generation of Mustangs.  

Ford Media