Ford Focus RS Coming to North America

Euro spec vehicles always seem to be built better and offer more than that ones available on this side of the big puddle. This has been a wonderful point to complain about for a long time, but Ford decided to bring that to a halt and offer up something that is right on par with the cars available in Europe.

The starting point is the 2009 Ford Focus RS. Even though it is set to make its debut at the London Motor Show later this month, the images are very accurate to what it will look like when you see it on the road. According to Ford, only minor details will be changed if any changes are made at all.

The Focus RS sits low to the ground and has a fairly wide stance to keep cornering easy and relaxed. The package also gets you a new front fascia, vented hood, high-rise spoiler above the hatch and a dual-exhaust system for a more aggressive sound.

Providing power is a 2.5 liter Duratec inline-5 topped off with a turbocharger. It is said to make 295 horsepower and 302 ft/lbs of torque at the front wheels. Normally, this would spell trouble as torque steer would be a huge issue. However, Ford has developed a new front suspension system, unique to the Focus RS, which should clean up that issue. The system, named "Revoknuckle," uses a Quaife Automatic Torque Biasing limited-slip differential in conjunction with the suspension components and some sensors to almost completely eliminate torque steer.

The interior is just as nice as the exterior with color-keyed Recaro bucket seats and an easy to use climate control and audio system. There is an additional set of gauges above the center grouping and more than enough carbon-fiber and metallic accent pieces for everyone. In the center, a 6-speed short throw transmission waits for a good run through all the gears.

What makes this Euro spec so nice is that we don't have to sit here and wish we could get our hands on it; The RS already has plans of hitting American soil. The pricing isn't 100% yet, but either way it's going to be one of the hottest cars on the lots.

From : Ford

Jul 30, 2008
by Anonymous



Aug 25, 2008
by autooracle
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Bring it on.....

This is a great contender to the sports compact segment.  Ever since the release of the 2008 Focus, I have missed the 3 door hatchback.  

Oct 28, 2008
by Anonymous

thank god.

the new 2010 mazdaspeed 3's are comming adventually, and its brother should be there too.

Dec 15, 2008
by Anonymous


I just hope its cheap...

Jan 4, 2009
by Anonymous


it sux how ford started here in the US but they are making better looking and more powerful cars in other country's

Jan 24, 2009
by Anonymous

Love the Focus!

Good, now import the Aussie's Ford Falcon so it can take on the Pontiac G8.

Get Ford Europe's Mondeo to replace the Taurus and Crown Victoria!

Ford should bring back the Bronco and get it on the road! Look at the Toyota FJ Cruiser.

Ditch the 3-bar grille for God's sakes!

Jan 28, 2009
by Anonymous

about time

i guess my wife is just going to have to put up with it ;-).

Feb 5, 2009
by Anonymous

Is the US really getting

Is the US really getting this!!?? That would be so siiiiiiiiiiiiiick!!