Ford Fusion Hybrid Breaks 1,000 Miles on a Single Tank of Fuel

A few days ago, a team set out to try and find the maximum number of miles you could squeeze out of one of Ford's new Fusion Hybrids. After some substantial amounts of coffee and snacks, the final number is in, and it may surprise you.

1,445 miles on a single tank of fuel. This is the official number that NASCAR's Carl Edwards and Wayne Gerdes, fuel mileage guru, were able to reach with the help of several engineers from Ford. Both of the drivers have been trained in the art of hyper-miling, which is basically stretching every drop of fuel as far as possible. By using these techniques, they were able to achieve an incredible 81.5 miles per gallon average.

Before the BS Flags are tossed in the air, this test was conducted on both city and highway roads right in the vicinity of Washington DC. Included in the test was a piece of highway that is loaded with 30 individual stoplights.

The official estimate that Ford has placed on the Fusion Hybrid is 700 miles per tank, but after this test it may just get bumped to a much higher number. According to Ford, the test vehicle was not modified in any way and, assuming similar driving conditions, anyone could achieve the same numbers.

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