Ford Makes Electric Transit Connect Official

Back in December of last year, Ford began talking about an all electric delivery can they might put into production. Since then, not much has been said about the rumored van, until recently when Ford unveiled plan to use the existing Transit Connect platform to build their all electric delivery van.

Along with the standard gasoline engine, the Transit Connect will also be available in 2 models of battery electric. The only distinguishing factor between the 2 trims will be either a 60 mile or 100 mile operating range.

The market for such vehicles, although fairly extensive, has remained fairly untouched over the past few years, making it a perfect way to both make sales and gather data about the market and performance of your vehicles. You can bet Ford will be spending as much time as possible trying to make these vehicles as reliable and user friendly as possible.

Power for the electric version will come from a 50 kilowatt motor that draws electricity from a Lithium Ion Battery pack. This powertrain will most likely be the same system used on the upcoming battery electric car Ford has been hinting to.