Ford MyTouch System to Offer Green Driving Tips and Entertainment

Most of the hybrids being sold today come with some form of feedback system to help the driver get the most out of every drop of fuel. Ford has decided that such technology would be even more helpful to those of us who don't yet own a hybrid and incorporated it into their new MyFord Touch System.

MyFord Touch Fuel HistoryMyFord Touch Fuel History

The MyFord Touch system is basically an add-on to the built in navigation system that will help the driver select the most fuel efficient route. Like most GPS Navigation systems, it will also be able to find and display the quickest route as well as the shortest.

While the exact details as to how the "Eco-Route" is chosen have not been released, it is likely a combination of avoiding major intersections and roads that have a high likelihood of being jammed with traffic. This would also imply the system will be calculating time of day into the equation.

The system will also be on hand to offer tips on how to improve your day-to-day fuel economy.

MyFord Touch Eco RouteMyFord Touch Eco Route

The MyFord Touch system will be making its debut on the 2011 Ford Edge, and then move across most of the Ford lineup.

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